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We're working with the local community and our partner agencies to develop a plan to help support the long-term rehabilitation of Stony Creek after the large warehouse fire that occurred in West Footscray on 30 August 2018.

To ensure the rehabilitation plan reflects community expectations, values and aspirations, we want to understand what's important to you. From planting trees and restoring habitats, community education programs and interpretive signs, preventing litter and pollution, and improving accessibility and connectivity along the creek, we want to understand what matters most to you.

Melbourne Water and our partner agencies, Maribyrnong City Council, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and other agencies, are committed to restoring and enhancing Stony Creek.

We will work in close partnership with the local community to develop a plan to rehabilitate Stony Creek and its surrounding environment.

Feedback received from the community via the Your Say page, 'pop up' information events and the community workshop will be used to help create the Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan. We will collaborate with our partner agencies to outline clear objectives, refine the identified actions and projects for the rehabilitation plan, including defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

We will also ensure that the rehabilitation actions align with relevant agency plans including Melbourne Water’s Healthy Waterways Strategy and Maribyrnong City Council’s Cruickshank Park Masterplan.

A draft plan will be developed and publically released to seek feedback from the community and our partner agencies to ensure it aligns with the community’s expectations and values. After incorporating feedback on the draft plan, the final Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan will be published in mid-2019.

While this planning is underway, we will continue implementing on-ground recovery works together with our partner agencies.

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We'll make sure that the actions in the Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan align with our new Healthy Waterways Strategy, which was published in December 2018.

The strategy builds on the great work already achieved, and provides the strategic direction for the management of rivers, creeks, wetlands, floodplains and estuaries in the Port Phillip and Westernport region.

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The program for the Maribyrnong catchment will be an important reference for the actions and projects to be undertaken along Stony Creek.

Maribyrnong Catchment Region

We understand that the community has provided feedback during the consultation process for the proposed Cruickshank Park and McNish Reserve Masterplan. We will make sure that the rehabilitation actions for Stony Creek align with what you've already told Maribyrnong City Council.

For updates on the Cruickshank Park Masterplan and information about other open space planning in the area, visit Maribyrnong City Council's website.

Cruickshank Park Masterplan

Maribyrnong Open Space Strategy

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) helps businesses and industry understand their obligations and access guidance on preventative measures they can implement to manage environmental impacts.

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Melbourne Water protects and improves greater Melbourne’s major water resources on behalf of the community.

We do this through the projects and services we deliver on a day-to-day basis, as well as through our information and education resources and support and funding of community water initiatives.

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