The Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan

The Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan is now available on the Melbourne Water website.

Melbourne Water and our partner agencies - Maribyrnong City Council, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and other agencies - are committed to rehabilitating Stony Creek following the 2018 Tottenham/West Footscray warehouse fire.

As the caretaker of Melbourne’s waterways, we understand how valued Stony Creek is to the local community, and how passionate people are about its recovery and rehabilitation - which is why we involved the community to create a plan.

The local community contributed their ideas, aspirations and priorities to support the long-term rehabilitation and future protection of Stony Creek. Their insights, values and recommended actions were used to create the plan.

The Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan (2019-2029) identifies long term and sustained actions that span recovery to active rehabilitation of the creek and its surrounds, and is consistent with agency policies and strategies including Melbourne Water’s Healthy Waterways Strategy (2018-2028), Maribyrnong City Council’s Stony Creek Future Directions Plan, and EPA Victoria’s policies and guidelines.

The draft plan was publicly released in early July 2019 for a four-week period to seek feedback from the community. Comments were used to prepare the final plan to ensure it aligns with community expectations, values and aspirations. The final Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan was officially launched on 8 September 2019.

The implementation of rehabilitation actions will be occurring in parallel to on-ground recovery activities for a while. Many of the activities identified in the Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan are able to be progressed and implemented before the recovery stage is complete; however, care will be taken to ensure that activities under both recovery and rehabilitation programs are coordinated and aligned.

More information about the on-ground recovery works can be found on the Stony Creek Recovery page on Melbourne Water's website and Maribyrnong City Council's Recovery web page.

Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan

All the latest information on the Plan is now available on the Melbourne Water website.