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Many thanks to community members and stakeholders who contributed to these achievements.
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Collaborating with the community

We work closely with the community, government agencies, water retailers, councils, developers, and contractors to deliver all we do.
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World-class infrastructure

Over the past twelve months we’ve supplied over 416 billion litres of world-class drinking water, treated over 332 billion litres of sewage and invested in 35 million dollars in flood mitigation works.
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Building partnerships

We support community events and festivals, like the Inflatable Regatta, which saw 1700 people floating down the Yarra in inflatable boats.
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Protecting biodiversity

Melbourne Water has over 1,000 citizen scientists who help us to track, protect and preserve endangered species including platypus and frogs.
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Improving the environment

With the support of local community, we’ve planted 122 kilometres of new vegetation and removed almost 3,000 cubic metres of silt and debris to improve the health of our waterways.
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Creating community spaces

We have created brand new parkland through the Greening the Pipeline project which saw us convert 100m of decommissioned sewer into a vibrant green space.

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