Working together to design and create natural spaces

Help transform your local creek into a fun and friendly place for you to enjoy

We're inviting you to have your say on the redesign of a creek near you so that it becomes a natural waterway and a community-loved place.

Imagine what you could help create

Use the before and after slider below to see how this area was transformed!

Ryans Creek, Melton is a great example of how the local community helped shape the redesign and transformation of an under-utilised section of a waterway into a pleasant, natural open space that is used by the community.

Image of Ryan Creek before restoring it Image of Ryan Creek after is was restored

Get involved

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Join Community Advisory Group

Influence decisons and expand your networks by being a part of your local community advisory group.

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Attend community events

Each site will run a series of face to face activities where you can share your ideas, preferences and provide feedback on options being considered.

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Participate online

Share ideas and feedback throughout the process using the tools on this site. If you can't attend events using YourSay is a great way to contribute.