Preparing for construction

A lot has been happening on the Tarralla Creek project over the past 9 months including finalising the detailed design, obtaining permits and developing the works program.

We are excited to soon start construction on Stage 1 and are finalising the required planning permits and assessing the tender proposals.

One of the requirements is to apply to Council for a permit to remove a number of trees that are required to undertake the works.

We engaged an arborist to undertake a visual assessment of the trees along Tarralla Creek that are proposed for removal or may be impacted in relation to civil engineering and landscaping works for the Reimagining Tarralla Creek project.

The overall assessment of 36 trees proposed for removal for the entire project is conservative and it is the design intent that as many trees can be saved through inspections by construction superintendents and an arborist during construction.

Maroondah Council will now undertake their planning permit application process with engagement and notification to adjacent landholders.

We have prepared a Community bulletin which identifies the location of the trees proposed for removal as part of Stage 1 of the works.

Reimagining Tarralla Creek Project Team