Consultation has now closed.
Thanks for your interest in providing feedback on the draft service proposals for our Submission. We will review all comments alongside the range of views heard throughout our engagement program, and our full Price Submission will be published on this website in October.

We’re inviting final comments on the draft proposals for our 2021 Price Submission to the Essential Services Commission. This will inform our water, sewerage, drainage and waterway management services for 2021–26, and the prices reflected in Melburnians’ water bills.

View a summary of what we propose to deliver over the Submission period, and provide your feedback by completing the survey on this page by 5pm on 13 July 2020.

Draft proposals for our Submission

Through our 2021 Price Submission, our focus is delivering affordable services to the standards our customers and community expect, while preparing for future challenges posed by our growing city and changing climate.

You can now view a summary of the draft proposals for our Submission. These reflect our current thinking and are still a work in progress, and further changes will be made as we continue reviewing and refining our Price Submission. Your final views are important to us as part of this process.

Download the summary below, which includes:

  • the outcomes we commit to delivering to customers over 2021–26
  • key activities we’ll undertake to achieve them
  • how we intend to measure our progress

How you’ve shaped our Submission

Our Submission is the result of extensive engagement to understand the needs of our diverse customers across the water sector, industry and government, as well as the broader community who benefits from our services.

Through robust community research and dedicated committees of customer representatives, we’ve sought to understand what matters most to you, so our Submission delivers the outcomes you value. View the following video for a summary of our activities, or view our engagement program in detail.

Have your say

To have your say on the draft proposals for our 2021 Price Submission, provide your feedback via our survey below by 5pm on 13 July 2020.
All comments received during this feedback period will be considered alongside the range of views we have heard throughout our engagement program, as we finalise our Submission for lodging with the Essential Services Commission.