Bank erosion at H.E. Parker bridge

A wetter spring than in previous years has seen our waterways filled to the brim and, in some cases, experiencing erosion. If you’re a regular visitor to Dandenong Creek you’ll notice that this has been the case for some of the bank along the daylighted section of the creek near H.E. Parker Reserve.

Many of you have been in touch to alert us of the problem and we thank you for reaching out. Our Waterways & Land team are now investigating the problem to ensure remediation works are carried out safely and appropriately.

Did you know?

Creeks are living, breathing systems and their water courses are constantly shifting and changing with the seasons and time.

Once upon a time Dandenong Creek snaked its way across a vast floodplain. But in the 1960s, to protect Melbourne’s growing suburbs from flooding, Dandenong Valley Authority straightened sections of the creek, piping and sending its watercourse underground.

In 2018, as part of Enhancing Our Dandenong Creek, we completed Victoria’s very first daylighting project – unpiping and returning to the surface an 800m section of the creek. Today this section of the creek follows more closely its original path, meandering its way through billabongs and wetlands, and encouraging more enhanced habitat connectivity and biodiversity for the plants, animals and insects that call the creek home.

Now that Melbourne is able to venture out further and more often, we encourage you to continue enjoying this beautiful waterway but please stick to the designated walking tracks for your own safety.

Got a question for the project team?

If you have any further questions or feedback on the project, drop us a line at [email protected].

Dandenong Creek at H.E. Parker bridge, 2020

Dandenong Creek at H.E. Parker bridge, 2020