You said, we listened, what's next?

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in Sunbury's Water Future community engagements.

Close to 300 people took part in our 2018 online survey about the community's value for Sunbury's Water Future, and in March we explored these values in more detail via a series of face-to-face community events in Sunbury.

Read more about your ideas and priorities in the Sunbury's Water Future Wider Engagement (Phase 1) Report.

Phase one report

Sunbury's Water Future Community Panel

The community panel is meeting across May and June to explore and deliberate on future water management options for Sunbury. On the final day, the panel will present their recommendations to Melbourne Water and Western Water in a specially prepared report.

You're invited to observe the deliberative engagement process at work. Follow the links to register your interest and to learn more about the Sunbury's Water Future Community Panel.

Observe the community panel in progress

This is a great opportunity to observe the deliberative engagement process. Spaces are limited. Find out more and register your interest below.