Since 2018, we've been working with the Sunbury community to develop an Integrated Water Management Plan for Sunbury.

In October 2018, you took part in a community survey and nine face-to-face discussions and shared what was important to you around water management. From this, a community reference panel was formed in 2019 and they told us which water management options the community would like us to explore further.

The project team spent 12 months developing an assessment framework that translated the panel's recommendations into workable options aligned with Integrated Water Management criteria. This was reported back to the panel in 2020, and in 2021 the wider community was asked to share their feedback via a survey and deep dive sessions.

We're currently reviewing the findings from the 2021 survey and deep dive sessions and preparing a report summarising the key insights.

We will then use this information to develop a detailed Integrated Water Management Plan for Sunbury.

How have community contributed so far?

Engagement for Sunbury’s Water Future began in 2018 and will continue until 2024 when the plan is delivered.

Types of water - what's the difference?

Our water cycle is complex but knowing terms will help you better explore Sunbury's Water Future
  • What is stormwater?

    Rainfall that runs off roofs, roads and other hard surfaces into gutters, drains, creeks and rivers, and eventually into the sea is called ‘stormwater’.

    In new growth areas, wetlands and basins are constructed to help filter stormwater.

  • What is wastewater?

    Water that’s been used in the home, in a business or an industrial process is called ‘wastewater’. It’s captured in different pipes to stormwater.

    For the Sunbury region, wastewater is transported to the Sunbury Recycled Water Plant.

  • What is recycled water?

    When wastewater goes through a treatment process, it becomes ‘recycled water’ that can be reused for other purposes.

    Recycled water can have different levels of treatment depending on what it is to be reused for. Recycled water is also released to waterways.