2020 Community Panel progress update

Both Melbourne Water and Western Water's Board of Directors praised the hard work and vision of the SWF community panel and endorsed the detailed response report prepared by both corporations in October 2019.

The road to Sunbury's water future is long and complex but we are well on the way. Over the past 12 months, the project team have developed an assessment framework that translates the panel's recommendations into workable options aligned with Integrated Water Management criteria.

Multiple options were then grouped into four larger portfolios. These portfolios, which incorporate all desired outcomes from the recommendations, will ultimately form Sunbury’s Integrated Water management plan.

The panel's recommendations have now reached a point where we are able to explore broader community sentiment on potential solutions. To receive further updates, make sure to follow this page above.

Western Water and Melbourne Water once again sincerely thank the panel for their time, energy and commitment.

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