You said, we listened, what's next?

Over the next 20 years, Sunbury is set to double in size. As we prepare for this growing population, we also need to think about the broader issues of climate change, the environment, and community liveability. Key to this is how we manage water.

Because we're also keen to know what you think is important for Sunbury's Future Water, we've been engaging with the Sunbury community to exchange ideas about future water management solutions and the impact of urban growth and climate change on water and waterways.

In 2018, we received close to 300 responses to a survey about the community's value for Sunbury's Water Future. You can view the results of the survey here.

This March, we held a series of community events to learn in more detail your ideas and priorities.

These events included:

  • community workshops for members of the public and representatives of community organisations
  • targeted discussions with environment groups, the residents association and recycled water customers
  • meetings with key community and business organisations
  • being part of the KIDx 2019 youth forum on climate change, and
  • information sharing at SunFest.

It was a great opportunity for our water experts to meet you and to understand what you think is a way forward for the future planning of this growing region.

We'll be sharing the outcomes of these activities on this page soon.

Sunbury's Water Future Community Panel

Preparations are underway for the next phase of our community engagement: the Sunbury's Water Future Community Panel.

Around 10,000 invitations have been sent out to randomly selected Western Water customers living in the Sunbury area, inviting them to participate in this important event. The final panel will consist of 30-35 representative members of the local community who will meet over May and June to explore and deliberate on future water management options for Sunbury. The panel will then present their recommendations to Melbourne Water and Western Water in a specially prepared report. An important part of these deliberations are the outcomes from previous engagements with the Sunbury community, which will be shared with the panel in a specially prepared report.

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