Naturalising the Moonee Ponds Creek has long been an aspiration of many, but what would it really take?

The waterway and surrounding areas have been significantly modified since its origins as a ‘chain of ponds’ before European settlement. Residential and commercial development are now well established on the creeks banks and the banks themselves have been channelised for the fast expulsion of flood waters.

How can a more natural creek form be returned which still caters for these new demands? What will it cost?

These questions will form the basis of some investigation work the Collaboration is doing with the assistance of expert hydrological consultants E2 Design Lab in partnership with landscape architects Realm Studios.

The work will focus a 400m stretch of the creek between Margaret and Herbert Streets, Oak Park (Strathmore).The site is symbolic as the location where the march of concrete upstream was halted in the 1980s after a strong community campaign.

The investigation will look at what landscape and engineering interventions are possible to enhance the social and environmental values of the creek and will undertake a cost benefit analysis to provide a more grounded business case for this work.