We know that rivers, creeks and wetlands are important to our local communities. They are places to escape the heat on a summer's day, a place to fish, a place to connect with nature, to play or get some exercise.

We know a lot about the environmental values of our rivers, creeks and wetlands but we are keen to learn more about the different reasons people visit waterways. This will help us better plan for those uses.

Over the next year we will be seeking feedback relating to all the waterways within the Port Phillip and Westernport region. Before then we are running a pilot project to make sure we are using the right tools for this research.

Tell us why you like to visit Cherry Lake or Liverpool Road Retarding Basin

Cherry Lake in Altona and Liverpool Road Retarding Basin in Boronia have been chosen as pilot waterways for the project. If you have visited either one of these waterways in the last 12 months, we would love to hear from you.