Co-creating the strategy

Community input to the Healthy Waterways Strategy (2018-2028) has been invaluable in creating collective targets and performance objectives that we all share. As the Draft Strategy takes shape, we are holding co-design workshops and follow-up meetings to explore what’s next.

Update: We are sorry to announce that the Healthy Waterways workshop planned for 21 June has been postponed. We need a few more days to get the draft Strategy ready for release, and wanted to give you enough time to review the draft before we meet again. We apologise for the late notice and any inconvenience caused.

We value your time, input and participation in this process and sincerely hope that you can join us when we reschedule.

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How did we get here?

The Strategy for Westernport has been developed using a collaborative design process. To read what's happened so far and learn more about how you can be involved, follow the Strategy's development on the project wheel below or click on the phases below!