WTP Update - June 2021

In this update we will share some important changes and reminders about birdwatching access as well as an update on one of our operational projects. Read on to find out more.


Changes to birdwatching access

  • New online system for birdwatching access and induction - Birdwatching access is now available via a streamlined online application system, which includes an online safety induction and reduces the need to wait for ‘in person’ safety instruction before you can enter the site. If you have existing access no action is required, when you need to renew you will use this same online system.

Reminders about birdwatching access

  • COVID-safe entry requirements remain in place and appear on signage and as you sign in using the QR code.
  • Commercial birdwatching tours are not permitted without Melbourne Water’s consent - we are working on an equitable and safe way of introducing a licence for birdwatching tour operators which we hope to implement during 2021.

Communications about birdwatching access only available through YourSay

The Western Treatment Plant is a busy, working treatment facility. Sometimes we may need to make you aware of potential hazards you may need to avoid before entering the site, such as road closures. At this stage, we rely on our Western Treatment Plant YourSay page to communicate these messages including any emergency information.

To make sure you receive these updates directly to your inbox, you will need to subscribe by clicking ‘FOLLOW’ at the top of the page. This is a mandatory condition of birdwatching access for this safety reason.

For more information about birdwatching access, visit the Melbourne Water website.

Western Treatment Plan Cover Replacement Project Update

The Western Treatment Plant sustainably treats half of Melbourne's sewage using a series of large ponds called lagoons. They have large plastic covers over sections of them to reduce odour and capture biogas to power the treatment plant and minimise our greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to this process, liquid organic food waste can now also be added directly to a dedicated facility during the sewage treatment process, and digested by microorganisms to form biogas. This not only creates additional biogas but also reduces emissions and further pressure on limited landfill capacities, and supports the evolution to a circular economy.

Melbourne Water is currently partially removing and replacing the western covers on the 55E lagoon. This work needs to be carried out on a regular basis so that we can continue to treat Melbourne’s sewage efficiently. The first stage of the project has now been completed and the lagoons have been cleared of scum and sludge and the new covers are now being installed. This should reduce odour levels that may have been noticeable.

For more information, visit our project page on the Melbourne Water website:

Keep in touch

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If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us via email [email protected] or telephone 131 722.