Improving your birdwatching experience

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback on your birdwatching experience at WTP

We were thrilled to receive over 120 responses and there were a lot of helpful, constructive suggestions and comments that will help us plan and prioritise future improvements to enhance your visitor experience.

The information we’ve gathered will be used to plan capital works improvements over the next 5-10 years such as providing some furniture (benches, picnic tables, shelters), formalising some walking paths, and potentially additional bird hides. We also plan to develop a site management plan over the next 2 years, to ensure we protect the site and minimise disruption to the abundant birdlife at WTP.

Overall satisfaction levels

  • On average, 80% of survey respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the site facilities, but we could make some improvements to the Lake Borrie and Austin Road bird hides, and access gates and locks.

Popular birdwatching areas at WTP

  • The most popular areas are T-Section Lagoons (including Austin Road bird hide) and Lake Borrie including the Lake Borrie Bird hide and foreshore.
  • Western Lagoon is also popular.

What we heard around visitation

  • Birdwatching is slightly more popular on weekdays (54%) compared to weekends (46%); Some respondents indicated they visit both.
  • Morning (46%) and middle of the day (44%) are most popular times to visits (8% indicated all day).
  • Birdwatching at WTP is most popular in spring (60%) and summer (30%). However, a number of respondents (8%) noted they visit all year round.

Ideas for improvement

To improve your birdwatching experience, you have indicated the need for improved:

Simple park furniture

Improvements to the Lake Borrie bird hide

Additional birdhides

Improved parking areas

Follow this project and stay tuned for further updates.