Birdwatchers Update: Duck hunting season 2019

When is duck hunting season?

In 2019 the duck hunting season opens Saturday 16 March and closes Sunday 19 May.

Is duck hunting permitted at the Western Treatment Plant?

It is illegal to shoot on/over private land or to carry firearms across any privately owned land without the landowner’s consent. As the Western Treatment Plant is privately owned by Melbourne Water, signage has been installed (see below) in key locations to advise the public of this and that the site is listed as a wetland of international significance under the Ramsar convention.

What about other areas adjacent or near to WTP?

Hunting of any type is prohibited at The Spit Nature Conservation Reserve and there is signage there to notify visitors. Carrying and using firearms in nature conservation reserves is prohibited.

Who should be contacted to report suspected offences?

Should birdwatchers require further information or wish to report any suspected offences, please contact:

Game Management Authority (GMA)

For suspected offences related to hunting of birds, irresponsible or illegal behaviour phone 136 186 or report online at

Victoria Police

For suspected criminal offences or threatening behaviour please call 000.