Visit the Western Treatment Plant

There is so much to learn about the plant, so why not take a tour?

We offer a range of tours for different members of the community and invite you to learn first-hand how the plant works and to discover the scale and environmental significance of the plant.

We want to share the Western Treatment Plant with you!

A tour is a great way to:

  • Learn about life on the wetlands and visit one of Victoria's largest working farms.
  • Discover how renewable energy is created from our sewage treatment practices.
  • Participate in learning activities, including the urban water cycle model.
  • Learn about poo power: see how sewage from 1.6 million people is treated everyday.
  • Visit our wetlands, spot some birds and learn about how we manage biodiversity.
  • Learn about how we turn waste into valuable renewable energy that helps power the plant.
  • Listen to stories from indigenous Elders and visit the historic town of Cocoroc.