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1. Do you hold a birdwatching permit for the Western Treatment Plant? Required
2. How long have you been birdwatching at WTP? Required
3. How often do you go birdwatching at WTP? Required
4. How long do you stay on site when you visit? Required
5. When you go bird watching, do you go? Required
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6. What time of year do you usually visit WTP? Required
7. When do you usually visit WTP? Required
8. What time of day do you prefer to go birdwatching at WTP?
9. Which part of the site do you spend the most time in General Permit areas and Special Access Permit area Required

– Select your top 3 locations. Not sure? Download a map of the birdwatching areas from our website

Paradise Road Toilets

11. Is there anything we could do to improve your experience while birdwatching? Required

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