Map your ideas as we plan for a Waterway Blitz

We are looking for hot-spot locations to collect litter, remove weeds and undertake other amenity improvements.

The Waterway Blitz is part of the $500 million State Government Working for Victoria initiative. Melbourne Water has created more than 100 new jobs with the majority of those roles aimed at protecting and beautifying the city's waterways. This is a great opportunity to focus extra attention on caring for the city's waterways and land.

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We are calling all community groups, Friends of groups or anyone interested in keeping our waterways clean and healthy to have their say. Map your ideas below or ask the project team a question.


Tell us where you would like to see improvements along the waterway

Drop a pin on the map to and add as much detail as you can about your idea to improve that section of the waterway. Use the Info and Instructions icons to find out more about using the map, and check out the FAQs to see how we'll assess and prioritise your feedback.

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You can also visit our community map on the Melbourne Water website to view all of our projects in your area - from major projects to maintenance.