City West Water, Melbourne Water, South East Water, Western Water and Yarra Valley Water have come together to produce a joint strategy for the future, ‘Water for Life’.

Across Greater Melbourne, we’re facing some big water challenges: our population is growing and our climate is drying. We’re seeing increasing pressure put on our most valuable resource – water.

We will need new solutions to ensure Greater Melbourne has enough water into the future.

The 'Water for Life' strategy will set a set a strong foundation for water corporations to meet our diverse water needs and ensure a safe and secure water supply for Greater Melbourne over the next 50 years, including specific actions for the next five years.

How to get involved

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Water for Life Strategy, either by completing the survey or attending a community workshop.

We heard so many great ideas and important concerns and are now reviewing your feedback before beginning work on a 50 year strategy for Greater Melbourne’s water future.

Water for life Community Panel

We’re currently recruiting members for our independent community panel, made up of 52 customers/residents from across Greater Melbourne.

The Panel will come together in mid-June and play an integral role in developing the strategy. Using your feedback, panel members will develop a vision for the strategy and make recommendations about criteria we’ll use to assess different options for the future.

To ensure our panel is independently recruited, we've commissioned independent specialist engagement consultants the Sortition Foundation to select the community panel members and oversee the recruitment process

Water For Life Community Panel

Recruitment for the community panel is underway. Learn more at the Water for Life website