Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan Update

Thank you for taking the time to read the draft rehabilitation plan and to provide your feedback. Overall, we’re really pleased with the feedback we received; there were a lot of helpful, constructive suggestions and comments that we can work with to prepare the final plan.

Some interesting stats:

During the four week consultation period there were:

  • Almost 700 downloads of the document
  • 29 submissions
  • 2,800 views of the Your Say page – the highest number of views (302) was the following day after the plan was released.
  • Over 1,700 unique visitors with more than 2,000 visits to the Your Say page

Almost half (47%) of the total visitor traffic to the web page was directed from social media advertising, just over 30% were direct visits, and almost 10% of visits were directed from other websites.

Feedback scores on the plan:

  • Average of 3.5/5 for meeting expectations
  • Average of 4/5 for reflecting community input

Over the next month, we’ll be working hard with Maribyrnong Council and EPA Victoria to incorporate your feedback into the final plan. The final Stony Creek Rehabilitation Plan will be launched at a community event in Cruickshank Park on Sunday 8 September.

Follow this project and stay tuned for further updates.