How your input was used to develop the final plan

Through community events and online activities in February and March 2019, you shared your stories about why you love Stony Creek and what you enjoy doing there. You also shared your ideas, aspirations and priorities for rehabilitating the creek. Recommended actions for the plan were identified, refined and prioritised by community members in a two-day workshop.

Your insights, values and recommended actions were used to create a ten-year plan. Melbourne Water, Maribyrnong Council and EPA Victoria worked closely together to assign roles and responsibilities to each action, estimated timeframes for completion, and some details about how they would be implemented. This helped form the Stony Creek Rehabilitation Action Plan.

The community's top priority actions:

Investigate reasons for poor water quality in Stony Creek (eg. low dissolved oxygen levels) and develop options and/or strategies to improve them.

Undertake catchment-wide stormwater quality planning to avoid implementation of solutions in an isolated fashion.

Construct a shared path along the creek from Paramount Road to Matthews Hill in Sunshine, investigating connectivity beneath rail embankments.

Picture of people

Engage and educate industry about better practices

Add more native plantings throughout the Stony Creek corridor.

Summary of your feedback on the draft plan

The draft plan was released for community consultation in July 2019. Overall, we were really pleased with the feedback we received; there were a lot of helpful, constructive suggestions and comments that we could work with to prepare the final version.

During the four week consultation period there were:

  • Almost 700 downloads of the document
  • 29 submissions
  • 2,800 views of the Your Say page – the highest number of views (302) was the following day after the plan was released
  • Over 1,700 unique visitors with more than 2,000 visits to the Your Say page

  • You told us that, overall, you were very satisfied that it reflected community input; however, it didn't quite meet your expectations and you wanted more detail around two main themes:

    1. More specific and meaningful details in the Action Plan about how the actions will be implemented, clearer timeframes, and how the actions will be funded and resourced.
    2. More areas where the community can get involved in the plan’s delivery and monitoring progress, including reporting-back mechanisms.

    All comments on the draft plan were carefully considered and taken into account where possible to prepare the final plan. We focused our greatest efforts on improving the Action Plan - which you told us is the most important part of the rehabilitation plan - to ensure it aligns with your expectations, values and aspirations.

    To find out what the main feedback themes were and how we addressed your comments in the final plan, head to the Document Library to download a copy of the 'Response to feedback themes on the draft plan'.