How would you like to see Stony Creek rehabilitated?

From planting trees and restoring habitats to increase biodiversity (eg. frogs, birds, fish), enhancing shading, community education programs and activities, interpretive signs, preventing litter and pollution, and improving accessibility and connectivity along the creek, we want to hear what matters to you!

How to participate

  1. Drop a pin on the map below to share your ideas
  2. Prioritise your preferences using the fun 'drag and drop' tool

Your feedback will help us better understand your ideas and priorities as we develop a plan to rehabilitate Stony Creek.

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Share your ideas and aspirations for rehabilitating Stony Creek

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Prioritise your preferences

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  1. Waterway health – planting trees and other vegetation, habitat improvements for local biodiversity (eg. frogs, birds, fish) #
  2. Improving water quality – treating stormwater, litter control and preventing pollution #
  3. Access – improving access (eg. dog access) and connectivity to the creek, unrestricted views and recreational activities #
  4. Education – improving community and industry awareness and knowledge about the creek (eg. interpretive signs, educational programs and activities) #
  5. Amenity – cool and shady places to escape the busy urban landscape, to meet with friends and family, to exercise and connect with nature. #