Constructing the drain outlet

It is expected that our works will take approximately 12 months to upgrade the Shakespeare Grove Drain outlet and construct and install the new view platform.

The following upcoming works will be completed over six stages.

Completed - Stage 1 - Site establishment

Work is completed to set up the main work site for the project. These activities commenced in mid-February and involved:

  • Mobilisation of machines and equipment such as large cranes and digging equipment
  • Installation of the construction zone on the beach
  • Closure of additional parking along Marine Parade
  • Pedestrian and cyclist detours
  • Environmental curtains installed in the water around our work site. Reflection lights are on top of the curtains to alert bay users to the change in conditions.

The main work site and associated pedestrian and cyclist alternate paths will be in place for approximately 12 months. The map below outlines the changes around the work site area.

Completed - Stage 2 – Piling for cofferdam and drain diversion

A cofferdam is now in place at site and sheet piling installation works are completed. A cofferdam is an enclosure built within a body of water to allow the enclosed area to be pumped out. This pumping creates a dry working environment so that the work can be carried out safely.

The drain outlet has also now been demolished.

A photo of this phase of works is below.

Completed - Stage 3 - Demolishing the existing drain

The drain outlet that is being replaced is now demolished. This involved saw cutting and demolition works. A photo of this phase of works is below.

Completed - Stage 4 – Piling for platform structure

The concrete piling planned for stage four of the project has been completed. Due to favourable ground conditions the team has successfully installed 62 concrete piles in a shorter time than expected.

Stage 5 – Installing the new drain

Installing the new drain will involve excavation and installation of precast drain structures. Additional truck and crane movements will be required to complete these works.

Stage 6 – Installing the new platform

Installing the new platform will involve additional works located further out in the bay. There will be additional crane movements to deliver and install the precast platform. Following this handrails, lighting and seating will be installed. At this stage we will also remove the cofferdam.

Stage 7 – Reinstatement

The final part of the works is reinstatement of the general area.

What to expect during construction

Where possible the team will seek to minimise impacts and inconveniences. Further details of the expected experience of our works can be found below.

Work hours

Work hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturday between 7am to 1pm. Quiet work outside these hours will include arriving at site, tidying up, office work and checking on site safety. Notification will be provided to project site neighbours if work is required outside these hours.


The work will be noisy, in particular piling works which are unavoidable. Sheet piling and precast concrete piling will be loud. Mitigation measures will be implemented to reduce the experience of construction noise when possible.


Excavation and piling will cause vibration. Levels will be monitored to protect surrounding structures.

Beach access

A section of beach and the Bay surrounding the drain will be closed to the public and occupied by the construction site. Appropriate fencing will be installed and maintained throughout the project.

Traffic changes

Trucks will enter and exit the work site via Marine Parade. There will be short delays to traffic on Marine Parade and the shared user paths when vehicles and people are stopped to allow safe truck access.

Shared user path

The shared user path will be changed to guide pedestrians and cyclists safely around the worksite. On site signage will provide further information of the changes and guide users through the transition.

Pet and dog safety

The project team will set up the project boundary to deter dogs entering the site. We seek owners support to keep their dogs away from project fencing and the work area.

Vegetation Protection

Trees within proximity to the works area will be enclosed by protection zones using appropriate fencing. All vegetation removal works have been undertaken as part of the works permit. A fauna expert is required prior to and during any vegetation removal.

Street parking

There is a number of car parking bays along Marine Parade and Shakespeare Grove that will be occupied throughout the project. Parking will be used to host workers’ cars and hold trucks waiting to enter the site to minimise disruption to Marine Parade traffic flow.