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Melbourne Water is replacing Shakespeare Grove main drain outlet in St Kilda to make it safe for the public and ensure it continues to reduce the risk of flooding to surrounding suburbs for many more years to come.

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Major works are well underway for the project.

St Kilda's newest viewing platform

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Artist impression of viewing platform that overlooks St Kilda beach

Meet our artist

We engaged Justine Milsom from Juzpop Creations to develop artwork on the timber hoarding around our construction site. The artwork improves amenity of the area while construction is underway and is inspired by values developed early on in the project at a workshop with local stakeholders. Make sure you take a look when you're in St Kilda!

Justine Milsom from Juzpop Creations creating artwork on the timber hoarding around the construction siteArtwork at the Shakespeare Grove Main Drain Outlet Renewal Project construction site

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Project benefits

  • Reduce the risk of flooding

  • Improve safety for the community

  • Compliment the surrounding area

Do you know how the drainage systems works?

When it rains, some water naturally seeps into the ground. To prevent the rest of it flowing towards low-lying land, the drainage system directs it into rivers, creeks and eventually into the bay. Find out more about the drainage network.

Project location

The Shakespeare Grove main drain outlet is opposite Shakespeare Grove, St Kilda and extends into Port Phillip Bay. It’s situated at the southern end of St Kilda Beach.