Engagement on this project is now closed. For project history and updates visit the Melbourne Water website.

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About the project

This project involved the replacement of the main drain outlet and the construction of a viewing platform.

The project helped to ensure that:

  • the drain continued its vital role of reducing the risk of flooding to surrounding suburbs
  • the viewing platform created a destination point for the community to enjoy.

The Shakespeare Grove main drain outlet is opposite Shakespeare Grove, St Kilda. It’s situated at the southern end of St Kilda Beach.

The drain is part of a larger drainage network that carries stormwater safely away from properties and minimises flooding in surrounding suburbs. The drain was at the end of its service life and needed to be replaced.

This project was completed in March 2022.

Melbourne Water worked with local stakeholders and the community on the design of the main drain outlet.

We presented design options and received feedback in a number of ways:

  • Workshops with key stakeholders
  • Community feedback through a survey available on the Melbourne Water website between January and February 2020
  • Internal Melbourne Water approval process

The circular viewing platform chosen was preferred by stakeholders and the community.

See how the viewing platform took shape

About the viewing platform

Artist impression of viewing platform that overlooks St Kilda beach