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The Strategy is now available. You can now read and download your copy by visiting the Melbourne Water - Strategic and corporate plans page.

An ambitious 50 year strategy

Melbourne's water industry want to ensure Greater Melbourne's sewerage system continues to provide valued services to the community in the future as it does today!

That's why we have developed a 50 year Melbourne Sewerage Strategy. The Strategy sets the direction for waste water management in Greater Melbourne for future generations.

The Strategy

Working together

The water industry collaboratively developed the 50-year Melbourne Sewerage Strategy. City West Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water are Melbourne’s metropolitan water retailers. They collect sewerage, most of which is transferred to Melbourne Water for treatment at their treatment plants. Western Water collect and treat sewerage to the west of Melbourne outside of the metropolitan boundary.

We will continue to work together to manage the sewerage system to ensure it continues to protect public health and the environment while ensuring customer value and affordabiltiy, and that it is positioned to face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Our Vision

Melbourne’s sewerage system has the potential to deliver enhanced value through contributing to our city’s liveability. To do this, our Vision for Melbourne’s sewerage system is:

A resilient and adaptable system that supports thriving, healthy communities and a liveable, flourishing environment.

Our Goals

The Goals are aspirational and are a stretch beyond what the industry currently delivers. Although aspirational, they are underpinned by the fundamental principle of ensuring affordability for our customers and community. By 2070, Melbourne’s metropolitan water industry will see the key features of our sewerage system helping to achieve the following Goals:

Human health and wellbeing

The evolution of Melbourne’s sewerage system enhances human health and wellbeing, now and in the future.

Enhancing the environment

Melbourne’s sewerage system leads the world in protecting and enhancing natural assets including waterways, green spaces, biodiversity and marine environments.

Leveraging resources

Melbourne will be recognised as a world leader in advancing the circular economy through our commitment to beneficially using 100% of our water and resources while ensuring affordability for current and future generations of Melburnians.

Community stewardship

Our customers and community understand and care about the role the sewerage system plays in Melbourne’s liveability. This fosters shared stewardship and informs the services we provide.

An enabling policy and regulatory environment

Our collaborative policy, pricing, and regulatory environment fosters an adaptive, scalable, agile and innovative system that enables us to equitably meet Melbourne’s needs for the next 50 years and beyond.

The purpose

Set the direction for Melbourne’s sewerage system

Set the direction for Melbourne’s sewerage system for future generations.

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Enable key decisions to be made that will ensure the system adapts and changes to better meet the challenges of the future.

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Aim to ensure the sewerage system continues to provide valued services to the community in the future.

What's in the strategy?

The 2018 Sewerage Strategy:

  • Explores the sewerage system’s role in a water sensitive city and in Melbourne’s waste management.
  • Outlines where policy and regulation can enable us to achieve our Vision for 2070.
  • Sets the direction for Melbourne’s sewerage system that will provide value to future generations.
  • Provides a framework to facilitate timely decision making that progressively moves us towards achieving our Vision and Goals.
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