Learn more about Ryans Creek Rehabilitation Project

Ryan’s Creek now provides an enhanced open space with improved social and environmental benefits.

In collaboration with Melton City Council, Melbourne Water and community representatives, ENGENY began work to rehabilitate a section of Ryan’s Creek Melton in April 2016.

Before rehabilitation

The creek looked like a manicured open space with a narrow, concrete-lined channel and stormwater drains flowing into it. There had been ongoing concerns about water quality and the build-up of sediment in the creek – and its poor visual amenity.

Since rehabilitation

Completed in September 2016, the creek has a more natural appearance and its flood management capacity has been maintained. The concrete was removed, the surrounding area was re-vegetated with native species, and water can be harvested for use at the Melton Botanic Gardens.

Images provided by ENGENY Water Management Pty Ltd.