Tarralla Creek concept design – what you told us

We recently presented the concept design and completed our consultation. Here’s a snapshot of what we did!

Summary of community consultation activities for the second phase of Tarralla Creek consultation

Our approach to co-designing Tarralla Creek with the local community has seen the project progress from inception (listening to the community’s values and ideas for a great outcome) to the development of a concept that we shared with the community in October.

From our initial face to face and online engagement activities, we heard that improvements could be made in each of these areas:

  • Natural Environment
  • Access and Connectivity
  • Recreation, Relaxation and Meeting Place
  • Safety

Read this summary of your ideas, suggestions and priorities at the start of the design process.

With these priorities as our focus, we developed a concept design to share with the community and we wanted to validate it to make sure we were on the right track.

Was our concept design on the right track?

We checked in with you to make sure our concept design aligned with what you told us earlier. What emerged from your feedback was an endorsement on the following themes and features...

Word cloud that captures the most common themes from the feedback received

The Natural Environment elements of our concept design - enhancing Tarralla Creek as a beautiful, tranquil destination where visitors can connect with nature and where local fauna and flora can thrive - were emphasised the most in the feedback we received. Most common endorsements included the “natural-looking” appearance and the extent of the new wetlands.

The Access and Connectivity element - creating a welcoming space that is easy for all to access – was similarly well-received. Common responses included access to and from Morris Reserve and the need for separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

Respondents showed a similar level of interest to the Recreation, Relaxation and Meeting Place element - creating a place for rest, play, and learning. The community was most enthusiastic about the inclusion of educational and learning features in the final design.

Consistent with the smaller amount of safety-related feedback we received at the beginning, the Safety element – ensuring the area feels safe to all – drew the fewest responses. The most common safety concern we heard related to shared pedestrian and cyclist paths.

Your added suggestions

Added suggestions the community made that might be included in the final design

What you said

Some direct quotes of what people told us

The role of the Community Advisory Group in shaping the concept design

To ensure the redesign of Tarralla Creek captured local knowledge, priorities and ideas, people who live close to Tarralla Creek or use the area for work, study, recreation or to commute were invited to participate in the Community Advisory Group.
At the first meeting, feedback was categorised according to five themes:

  • Create a beautiful, tranquil destination
  • Connect people and nature
  • Enrich environmental values
  • Create a space that feels safe, is accessible and clean
  • Create a learning space.

These priorities were incorporated into the concept design and presented at the second meeting in October. This meeting was an opportunity to validated the ideas and work done so far. As with the online feedback, the group identified elements that were still missing from the concept design.

Next steps

As your feedback confirmed that our concept design is on the right track, we will further refine the design elements and priorities and prepare a detailed design. We expect to share this with you in early 2019.

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