Stage One works have commenced

Stage One works of the Reimagining Tarralla Creek project, between Vinter Road and Norton Road, have commenced. See a summary of the work planned below:

Before the end of 2020
  • We will first drain the wetland and divert all water into pipes and overflow channels.
  • Following this, the existing bridge will be removed and the wetland de-silted (including vegetation removal within the wetland area).
Early 2021
  • We will construct the new wetland and the outlet structure.
  • Water will be diverted through the wetland to allow for the "daylighting" of the pipe to begin downstream to create a grassy waterway channel.
  • Construction of landscape structures, furniture and amenities.
Later in 2021
  • The planting of around 80,000 ephemeral, terrestrial and aquatic plants will begin in June 2021.
  • Aquatic planting will take place later in October with expected completion by December 2021.

For the key features that make up Stage One see our map below and for more detail of the overall project take a look at the Final Masterplan.

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Aerial view of stage one design

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