Help create a space that you will use

Our aim is to improve access, community connections and the natural environment for hospital visitors, staff and the local community.

Anyone who lives or visits this section of the Creek is invited to participate. Simply, complete a short 5 minute survey below so we can better understand how you use the area now and what would make you revisit it in the future.

Your feedback will be used to shape the concept plans so design features are reflective of your values and needs.

Project area

Take a closer look at the project area before completing the survey below.

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4. What is your main reason for visiting Stony Creek
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Healthy places help to promote healthy lifestyles
Healthy places encourage social interaction
Healthy places are uplifting to reduce stress
Healthy places improve water quality
Healthy places provide opportunities for nature play and learning
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Next steps

  • Feedback will be collated from our website and face to face events with a report compiled and shared in April.
  • Make sure you follow this page to keep informed of future opportunities to have your say.
  • Your feedback will be discussed between the project partners and incorporated into the design process.