Community values: You said, we've listened, what's next

We asked you to share your ideas, suggestions and priorities for reimagining a section of Arnolds Creek - and you did!

You came and talked to us at community events and when we were at Woodgrove Shopping Centre. Some of you joined our Community Advisory Group and attended a workshop, others completed our online interactive survey.

Thanks to everyone who has participated. We appreciate you taking the time to share your local insights, design preferences and ideas.

Read our detailed community engagement report.

What's next

We have reviewed your feedback and have started to prepare a revised design for this section of Arnolds Creek and the surrounding open space. Your suggestions, ideas and priorities will be included, where possible. We expect this design to be completed in mid-late June.

The proposed re-design will be shared with the Community Advisory Group, available at community information sessions and online. This will be your opportunity to tell us if there's something we've missed.

Follow us at the top of the page to be notified when the new design is available and when you can talk to the project team in Melton West.

How you provided feedback

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Community events

Six face to face engagement activities were held to provide information about the project and capture feedback.

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Online survey

We had 46 people submit their feedback through the online survey and prioritisation tool.

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Community Advisory Group

Ten people are participating in the Community Advisory Group representing the views of the local community on an ongoing basis.

What you said

Below are the most important aspects and features voiced through our online survey and face to face activities.

"We would love more shared paths with shade in this area. We are deterred from using these paths in the summer because it is way too hot in the straight sun."

"Lots of trees for shade and picnic spaces."

"It is important that the path is shaded so that it isn't too hot in summer."

"Extensive planting of native trees is essential."

"Keep the existing path and extend it! Paths connecting all entrances as currently there are no bike or pram paths. Currently we use the waterways as a footpath for our pram. Also lighting in the area would be good as it is very dark at night time."

"There needs to be planning with support of council to ensure the paths connect and to the area south of High Street. Ideally, the entire catchment should be all linked up."

"Priority is for a shared path. It will help improve community health and wellbeing as people more inclined to walk/cycle instead of taking the kids to school by car!"

"More native and natural setting, full of trees, a nice running waterway - birds and animals.

"Plantings of indigenous trees that were once present in this area including; various box, Buloke, Banksia, Red gums etc."

"Please plant more trees and grasses. The area is pretty bare and it should be returned to more natural state with beautiful native vegetation and trees."

image of waterway

"I would love to have a place so close to home I can just walk across the road with my young children and go for a walk with lots of nice things to see and do."

"A space that encourages people to enjoy the outdoors and interact with others"

"Creating an area similar to the Kevin Hoffman Walk at Lara would be fantastic. This would enhance the creek environment and provide an easily accessible tourism, educational and recreational destination for the community of Melton"

"It would be nice to have a place to stroll around with dogs and be able to sit in the shade or a shelter with a drinking fountain and bowl for the dogs. Somewhere to sit and watch the kids run around."

"The area is terrible. Over run with weeds and little to no water. What is there is very stagnant and covered in algae."

"It needs to be an area that invites people and they are able to use all their senses to enjoy the creek and open space."

"Anything would make it better... removing concrete is a great idea!"

"Even though this waterway has been heavily modified from its natural drainage some interpretive signage and replanting of endemic species and Aboriginal food and resource plants including trees, shrubs, grasses, roots would be great."

"If you bring water to the surface there’ll be frogs, snakes and mosquitoes. It’s a residential area and a snake haven as it is. We worry when walking around here."

"An off lead dog area!!! Melton lacks a large dog free play area, the two we have are too small and used so much there is no grass in them."

"We need a BBQ with undercover facilities like at the Melton Botanic Garden."

"Try and keep out the trail bike riders – and people who drive up and down this area."

"Educational signs about flora and fauna and a play area for kids that involves water."

"Arnolds Creek at Bulmans Road overtops after high rainfall events. It needs to divert flood water."

"If it’s improved, people will use it instead of trashing it!"

"People don’t use the space – no reason to go there and really not attractive at all."