What's important to you?

Shape the re-design of Arnolds Creek by telling us what's important to you

We need your ideas and priorities as we start to reimagine what Arnold Creek could be. As part of the re-design, we will be removing a section of concrete-lined channel and creating a more natural looking waterway and open space for you to use.

Participate and have your say

Anyone with an interest in improving and restoring this area is invited to participate

  • Share your ideas and tell us what's important to you using the tools on this page. There's a fun 'drop and drag' prioritisation tool and two short questions to answer.
  • Complete the application form to be part of the Arnolds Creek Community Advisory Group.

These tools will be open until 12noon Thursday 29 March 2018.

First, let's imagine what you could help create..

Take a 360 view of the site and click on the circles for ideas and inspiration. Then, complete the survey below.

Now, tell us what you think

Your comments will help us better understand your aspirations and needs as we re-design this section of the creek.

We'd like to be better understand how you are using this area.

You have 500 characters left.

Review the list below and use the 'drop and drag' tool to rank your top 5 preferences.

    1. Access and opportunities to interact with the waterway (e.g. stepping stones)
    2. Planting of trees that provide shade
    3. Planting of native shrubs and grasses
    4. Seeing and hearing native birds and frogs
    5. Having shared paths that help you get around
    6. Areas for relaxing and chilling out
    7. Kick-about spaces for ball play
    8. Play areas
    9. Directional signs along shared paths
    10. Educational signs

    Share any other ideas or suggestions and we'll consider this too.

    Optional: We will use this address to notify you that your feedback has been received and to get in contact if we need to clarify your comments.

    Next steps

    • Your feedback will be presented to the Arnolds Creek Community Advisory Group in April 2018 and used to prioritise the design features for this area.
    • We'll report back on the key themes heard so far. Make sure you're 'following' this page to be kept informed about opportunities to have your say as the project progresses.

    Interactive map

    Take a closer look at the project area where you can help shape the re-design.