Help shape the redesign of Arnolds Creek

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We recently asked you to share your ideas and priorities using the tools on this page as we start to reimagine what Arnolds Creek could be.

Thanks for providing your feedback and completing the online interactive survey. Using this feedback, we know what is important to you and your preferences.

Next steps

  • Your feedback is being used to prioritise the design features for this section of Arnolds Creek, where possible.
  • Read our detailed engagement report for a sumary of the feedback and key findings.
  • We expect a copy of the initial redesign for Arnolds Creek to be available in mid-June.
  • We will be looking to you to provide feedback on this initial design.

Take a 360 view of the site that you're helping to reimagine...

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Take a look at a flyover of the project alignment and some photos from our engagement with the Arnolds Creek community

Interactive map

Take a closer look at the project area where you can help shape the re-design.