Electronic submissions have now closed.
Submissions closed on Friday 18 October 2019 following a one-week extension. We thank all councils who took the time to provide their input into this important piece of work.

To better understand what is valued by local councils and their community, Melbourne Water for the first time is inviting you to prioritise the services outcomes in the 2021 Waterways and Drainage Investment Plan (WDIP).

Melbourne Water together with our delivery partners provides outstanding waterways, land and drainage services across greater Melbourne, including the rehabilitation of rivers and creeks, maintaining wetlands, managing stormwater flows, building habitat for wildlife, and upkeep of public open space.

To deliver many of these services we work together, collaborating on the best approaches that make the most of our collective efforts for the communities that we serve. In order to fulfil our responsibility and fund this work, a Waterways and Drainage Charge is collected from homeowners and non-residential customers in metropolitan Melbourne as well as rural land owners. The focus for the 2021 WDIP is balancing our regulatory obligations with the expectations of our community, the expertise and experience of our stakeholders, internal risk assessment, and advice from DELWP and the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

The perspective of local government is crucial to this and we invite you to have a strong voice on the issues and decisions important to you.

How do you have your voice?

Read through the documents available and watch the short videos, all of which outline the purpose of the Local Government Submissions to the WDIP and the value of your input on your prioritised outcomes. We encourage you to collaborate internally to coordinate one submission on behalf of your Council, to ensure your Council’s voice is heard within the 2021 WDIP.