Creating a community-led vision and values

Creating a vision and set of values is a key piece of work that will define the direction of our Price Submission, align our decisions and guide our engagement – ensuring we remain focused on delivering services at a level and price valued by our community.

Over the course of the day the panel’s 30 members, selected to reflect the broader Melbourne community, heard from experts on the challenges and opportunities ahead, and discussed the aspects of our services they most valued.

Vision statements

The panel's discussions led to the creation of three contenders for a vision statement:


The panel also identified 12 values:

Priority values

These will be used to guide our Price Submission:

Other values

These will be used to support our decision-making:

We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who participated – their enthusiasm and engagement with at times complex and challenging issues has set us up well to develop a Price Submission that delivers the best outcomes for Melbourne into the future.