As well as directly engaging the broader community – in person and via this website – we've formed dedicated committees with retail water companies and local councils, which provide a forum to share community insights so that our efforts are aligned.

Engagement program

Our three-stage engagement program is designed to allow us to respond to feedback and tailor our approach for each of our services and customer segments.

Stage 1

Identifying what's important to you

Customer and community value

A representative panel of community members were invited to co-design a vision and set of values to set the direction of our Price Submission. Following an online vote by the wider public, our vision is:

In 2026, Melbourne Water is ensuring the environment is central to all it does. Its sustainable and innovative approach to service delivery provides reliable, efficient and secure outcomes for everyone and everything. Melbourne's water is for us and for you.

The panel also identified 12 values. Six priority values will guide our Price Submission:

Another six values will support our decision-making:

  • honesty and integrity
  • education
  • quality
  • transparency
  • system-wide collaboration
  • value for money

For more information on the co-design workshop, view the following report or video from the day.

Outcomes and focus areas

We've sought to understand the outcomes and focus areas important to our customers and community, which will be addressed as part of our Price Submission. These are being informed by feedback from:

  • Your Say survey
  • community festivals
  • annual Water Issues Survey
  • Customer Councils (Water & Sewerage, and Waterways & Drainage)
  • facilitated forum with local government

Stage 2

Understanding your preferences

Performance measures

We will define a set of performance measures and standards for each of our services to meet customer needs, and will be accountable for delivering these.

Willingness to pay and prioritisation

We will collaborate with our customers and community to understand their preferences and willingness to pay for service levels, and will use their priorities to define investment proposals for our Price Submission.

Stage 3

Checking we're meeting your needs


We will test and adapt our Price Submission to meet the needs of our customers and community, and collaborated with them to design our approach to establishing ongoing conversations.