Melbourne Water is inviting final comments on the draft service proposals for our 2021 Price Submission to the Essential Services Commission. This will inform our services in water supply, sewerage, drainage and waterway management for 2021–26, and the prices reflected in Melburnians’ water bills.

Our proposals are the result of extensive engagement to understand the needs of our diverse customers across the water sector, industry and government, as well as the broader community who benefits from our services. Our focus is on balancing affordability with preparing for challenges like climate change and population growth – so that Melbourne remains healthy, green and prosperous for generations to come.

Draft service proposals now available

You can now view a summary of the draft proposals for our 2021 Price Submission. These reflect our current thinking and are still a work in progress, and further changes will be made as we continue reviewing and refining our Submission. Preview our proposed commitments to customers over the next five years, the key activities we’ll undertake to deliver on them, and how we intend to track our progress.

View our draft service proposals

Take a look at the key proposals for our Submission and submit your feedback online by 13 July 2020.