Bringing Merlynston Creek Park to life


Melbourne Water was proud to support an exciting vibrant event “Parktopia” held on Friday 16 November which showcased local children’s visions for the future use of a wonderful but underutilised open space. The event culminated from a collaborative arts and performance educational program led by local artists, Vanessa Chapple, Kate Kantor and Tanja Beer with Pascoe Vale North Primary School, and community co-design planning workshops held in August and September.

Image of Merlynston Park area Image of Parktopia

In the school workshops, the children explored the history and heritage of the Linear Reserve and participated in a smoking ceremony on site with Wurundjeri elder Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin. The children listened to stories connecting them to country and engaged in design activities to unearth their creative ideas to reimagine the park.

The Parktopia event contributed various elements to the site activation including a smoking ceremony for the whole community, a representation of the now underground Merlynston Creek, native vegetation likely to be present in the landscape, history told through interpretive dance and storytelling as well as a range of activities where children and other visitors could interact with the local environment.

The temporary activation identified some great future uses of the space that will be incorporated into Moreland City Council’s Masterplan for the Linear Reserve.

Merlynston Creek Park Coburg North, is the first of three sites available for local groups to use our land and bring community projects to life. Our Community Land Start Up Package is designed to help you deliver your project and enhance neighbourhood health and wellbeing.

Community engagement

Community planning workshops

We held the first workshop with the creative applicants and willing helpers who want to work together to make Merlynston Creek Park a more loved, safer and community owned space. It was fantastic to see so much enthusiasm and brilliant ideas to achieve this.

The second workshop on Saturday 8 September 2018, was spent bringing all of the amazing ideas together to create a plan for activation of the site that will meet everyone's ideas and aspirations for the area. The group worked collaboratively to develop their vision for the site, which is:

“Engage community to create a place that is safe and that people love and want to spend time.”

The project "Parktopia" (which is also part of the public art festival of Moreland November -December 2018 ) was seen as a great way to begin the activation of the site.

The Parktopia project is a series of art and environment workshops in the local Pascoe Vale North Primary School which focus upon kids ideas on how to turn the park into a thriving, living place space for all to enjoy. The Parktopia project will be celebrated with the presentation of Merlynston Creek Park as a thriving living play space - a site activation by children, artists and community on Friday 16th November 4.30- 6.30pm.

The first week of Parktopia in school has focussed upon exploring the history and heritage of Merlynston Creek Park. The students participated in a smoking ceremony on site with Wurundjeri elder Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin and listened to stories connecting them to country. In the following weeks the students will be engaged in design activities which engage them in imaginative processes of making to reimagine the park.

Site features

Site features and inspiration

Take a 360 view of the site and explore the circles for ideas!

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