Help turn our land into active community spaces

for everyone to enjoy

We know that finding spaces for community use is few and far between. But across Melbourne, we manage 33 thousand hectares of land, the equivalent of 33 rugby fields!

Our Space Your Place is an initiative dedicated to changing the way communities and local groups use Melbourne Water spaces. Incorporated groups are invited to apply to use our land to enhance neighbourhood health and wellbeing.

There is a need for community spaces for:

  • exercise
  • relaxation
  • interaction
  • connection to local waterways, nature and neighbourhoods

You have the ideas, and we have the space. Let's work together to help bring your project ideas to life and improve your neighbourhood.

Transforming Melbourne Water spaces

Over the course of 3 years, we will help redesign three sites for community use, the first of which was Merlynston Creek Park.

We received applications from community groups to use the space, and hosted a number of art and environment workshops, called Parktopia, to help bring the space to life. Read our case study below:

Site 1: Merlynston Creek Park

Learn more about how we gathered community ideas and feedback to transform Merlynston Creek Park.

When we announce our second mystery site April 2019, community groups will be invited to contribute their ideas on how to use the space. Make sure to follow the project, using the button at the top, and learn more about how to contribute below.

In addition to the three sites, Melbourne Water has developed an online map-based platform, which gives details of the availability, size and potential use of Melbourne Water's many hectares of land. Through this portal, communities can find land near them, and apply to start using the space in a new and creative way.

Get inspired: see how other community groups have helped change our Melbourne Water spaces!