Our commitment to you...


Managing Director

"I will lead a culture where the community we serve is at the core of our decision-making processes."

Photo of John sitting and talking with someone


Manager, Regional Services

“I will put in every effort understand our customers and the community to ensure we continue to provide valued services.”

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Team Leader, Education and Capacity Building

“I will spark the curiosity of the community about local waterways and enable them to be involved in their care through our citizen science programs.“

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Strategic Projects Manager

"I will listen to the community to come up with solutions and use customer enquiries as opportunities to educate and improve the service we deliver."

Sarah sitting at a table talking with others


Team Leader, Regional Services (South East)

“I will build partnerships with customers based on mutual understanding, ensuring services are valued and deliver the best outcome for the community.”

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Team Leader, Water Network Operations

"I will engage with our water retailers and involve them in operational decision-making to ensure we continue to supply world class drinking water."

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Waterwatch Coordinator (Frog Census)

"I will improve participant experience in Frog Census and open up new opportunities for community to build knowledge and action in frog conservation."

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Community Engagement Lead

“I will establish a two-way dialogue between the community and Melbourne Water, which in turn builds long-term, cohesive relationships.”

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Manager, Pricing and Regulation

"To ensure we build on our engagement processes to obtain valuable feedback from the community and customers to inform the Pricing Submission."

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Digital Education & Engagement Innovation Lead

"I will offer new and diverse ways for our community to contribute to and influence project outcomes through our online engagement platform, YourSay."

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General Manager, Asset Management

"I will continue to collaborate genuinely with our key partners as we plan our flood services for the future - ensuring the best outcomes for all."

​Photo of Greg speaking at a conference


Manager, Community Engagement

"I will ensure we have the community front of mind in all aspects of our work and at all times in our service delivery."

​Photo of Richard teaching children


Waterwatch Coordinator

"I will engage with different audiences and involve them in the management of our waterways."

​Photo of Emily sitting and smiling


Manager, Regional Services (North West)

“I will engage with our dedicated and passionate community early and often to ensure community driven outcomes and better waterway and land services.”

​Photo of Jesse sitting on grass


Team Leader, Regional Services (Maribyrnong)

“I will help build the community’s confidence and trust in Melbourne Water through the provision of valued drainage and land services.”

​Photo of Kim speaking to a group of people


Education Officer

"I will work to share memorable experiences about water and its importance to a wider and varied community."

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Team Leader, Communications and Engagement

"I will continue to work with our customer to achieve great community outcomes and the successful delivery of our services."