Our commitment to you...

"To lead a culture where the community we serve is at the core of our decision-making processes."

"I will continue to engage with our customers in order to achieve great community outcomes and the successful delivery of our services."

"I will work to share memorable experiences about water and its importance to a wider and varied community."

"I will seek out and embrace the diversity of opinions from the community in the decisions I make."

"I’m interested in empowering the public to take their own actions, to independently advocate for waterways themselves."

“Through the provision of valued drainage and land services I will help build the community’s confidence and trust in Melbourne Water.”

“To engage with our dedicated and passionate community groups early and often to ensure community driven outcomes and even better waterway and land services in 2018.”

“My projects will be designed and delivered to minimise impact and maximise liveability!”

"To engage with different audiences and involve them in the management of our waterways."

"To ensure we have the community front of mind in all aspects and at all times in our service delivery."

"To work with the community to ensure the Yarra Strategic Plan captures what they love about the river."

"To continue to collaborate genuinely with our key partners as we plan our flood services for the future — ensuring the best outcomes for all."