Thank you, Greater Melbourne!

Every year, you work with us, help us create better community spaces, visit our sites and volunteer to protect and care for our creeks and waterways.

You help us to plan how and where our world class infrastructure should be built to service and supply greater Melbourne with affordable, high-quality water, reliable sewerage, healthy waterways and integrated drainage and flood management services.

You take time to get involved and shape our strategies and projects and help us grapple with the big decisions we need to make to plan for our future.

Decisions like...

Images of circles with big decisions for Melbourne Water

Our People I Our Commitment

We know you are as passionate about water and the environment as we are at Melbourne Water.

Meet some of the people and faces behind our projects, working with you and our communities everyday to help make Melbourne a great place to live.

Picture of Melbourne Water employee


Waterways and Land - Maribyrnong

"To really listen to the community to come up with solutions; use customer enquiries as opportunities to educate and improve the service we deliver."

Melbourne Water Employee


Waterways and Land - South East

“To build partnerships with customers based on mutual understanding, ensuring services are valued and deliver the best outcome for the community.”

Picture of Melbourne Water Employee


Network Operations and Strategy

"Engage with our customers - retailers - and involve them in operational decision-making to ensure we continue to supply world class drinking water."

Picture of Melbourne Water Employee


Frog Census

"To improve participant experience in Frog Census; open up new opportunities for community to build knowledge and action in frog conservation."

Picture of Melbourne Water Employee


Manager Collaborative Corridor Planning

“Continue to listen, learn and have honest conversations with local communities on how we can maximise value for community and improve waterway land."


Major Projects - Engagement

“To establish a two-way dialogue between the community and Melbourne Water, which in turn builds long-term, cohesive relationships.”

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