COVID-19 - what we’re doing to continue delivering your services

Water utilities like ours are well prepared to manage and respond to public health challenges like COVID-19, with well established and practised business continuity plans in place.

Our core services of Water, Sewerage, Waterways and Drainage management will continue to be delivered without interruption to ensure we deliver on our vision of Enhancing Life and Liveability.

Water will remain safe to drink and use.

Like many businesses, we are doing our part to assist in limiting the spread of the COVID-19 and this involves changing the way we are working. This includes enabling staff to work from home and implementing social distancing practices.

Therefore you may experience some unavoidable inconveniences such as changes or cancellations to community workshops and events. Wherever possible we will seek to put in place alternative arrangements or communicate with you well in advance if cancellations or changes are required.

We'll continue to use our YourSay platform to engage and communicate with you on our projects and plans.