Works flowing on

We are pleased to announce that works are flowing well at the M41 Water Main Renewal Project where we are renewing the almost 100 year old water main. The M41 Water Main supplies high-quality drinking water to over 350,000 Melbournians.

With more than 90% of the Project complete, we are moving into the final phase of our works in East Melbourne. As we work our way along Albert Street in East Melbourne, motorists and cyclists can expect some disruptions along their travel route. Planned for June, we will be crossing the Wellington Parade/Clarendon Street intersection which will mark the completion of major pipe laying works in the area.

Reinstatement will continue along the project alignment as we finish up some major sections of work.

We’d like to thank residents in Napier, George, Bennett and Falconer Streets for their patience whilst works are being completed in their areas.

About this project

The M41 water main is almost 100 years old and needs to be replaced so that we can continue to efficiently supply drinking water to over 350,000 residents and local businesses living in Melbourne's inner suburbs.

Once complete, the project will:

  • reduce water losses and disruption to supply from leaks
  • increase capacity within the supply network
  • continue to supply high quality, safe and reliable drinking water.

This project contributes to our strategic vision of ‘Enhancing Life and Liveability’ in the greater Melbourne region.