Understanding and listening to the community

To understand the ways in which community currently participate in recreation activities at the lower Werribee River and people’s experiences and aspirations for future recreation opportunities, a combination of face to face and digital engagement approaches were undertaken during February and March 2020.

We received over 85 online contributions from you identifying ideas for improving access and over 70 completed surveys from the face to face engagement.

Check out the feedback and suggestions for improvement that were incorporated into the plan.

Seeking stakeholder knowledge

Through a series of interviews, we also gained local knowledge from stakeholders about recreation activities and stakeholder priorities relevant to recreation opportunities at the lower Werribee River.

We will now use this feedback and all of the information gained from our key stakeholders to guide our future waterway management, priorities and investment with our project partners, including the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Parks Victoria and Wyndham City Council.