Melbourne Water response to the ESC draft decision

On 25 March 2021 the Essential Services Commission (ESC) released their draft decision on our Price Submission, following nearly two years engaging directly with the community, government, water retailers, councils, business and industry.

We have reviewed the ESC draft decision and are pleased it supports the majority of our proposed revenue requirements, including a number of investments that protect and enhance the environment and respond to climate change.

There are, however, some areas we contest and hope will be reconsidered to enable us to deliver greater positive customer outcomes. These are detailed in our response to the draft decision, which we submitted to the ESC on 4 May 2021:

Next steps

The ESC will now release their final decision and price determination in June 2021. Our new prices and service standards will subsequently take effect from 1 July 2021.

For more information on our 2021 Price Submission visit the Melbourne Water website.