Service and pricing preferences

Results of engagement – June 2020

In February 2020 Melbourne Water invited property owners in the Koo Wee Rup–Longwarry Flood Protection District to have their say on proposed service levels and prices for 2021-26, in relation to the special drainage and flood mitigation services we provide in the area. These works are funded by the Precept Charge.

After reviewing feedback with the District Advisory Committee, and with their agreement, we are proposing a hybrid of Options 3 and 4 (the 'Flood protection' and 'Waterway improvement' service packages) at an average price of $252 per property, per annum. This proposal will be included in our Price Submission to the Essential Services Commission, and subject to their review and approval, the new service levels and prices will take effect from 1 July 2021.

Engagement process and results

A bulletin was mailed out to all residents and businesses in the District advising of the engagement process. A number of pop-up community information sessions were also held to help promote the online survey and answer any questions. The survey received a response rate of 2.76 per cent, which does not constitute a representative sample but provided some insight into preferences.

We asked residents and businesses to select their preferred level of service from one of the following five options, or 'service packages'. While the majority of residents and businesses selected a higher level of service, there was no clear majority.

Option (package) Details Average cost Percent support
1 - Savings Continued reactive maintenance of the District’s drains to meet current service levels $224 8%
2 - Proactive maintenance Additional proactive maintenance in priority areas, as informed by the District Advisory Committee $231 21%
3 - Waterway improvement Additional activities to improve waterway health, including addressing blackberries and weeds within the District’s drains in response to community concerns $252 19%
4 - Flood protection Additional works to improve drainage capacity by proactively replacing high-risk assets, and upgrading low-risk assets that are not performing to floodwater conveyance targets $252 15%
5 - Flood & Waterway Additional proactive maintenance activities, works to improve drainage capacity and environmental health (included under options 2, 3 & 4) $274 37%

We also asked what particular services you wanted to see more or less of. Results indicate that debris removal, weed control, desilting and grass cutting were most highly-rated and therefore desired.

For a summary of engagement activities, view the following report:
Koo Wee Rup-Longwarry Flood Protection District engagement summary (PDF, 226.89 KB)

Next steps

With agreement from the Advisory Committee, we are proposing a hybrid of Options 3 and 4 (Flood & Waterway Packages) at an average price of $252 per property, per annum. We will submit this service and price proposal to the Essential Services Commission, where you will have further opportunity to provide comment through their consultation process.