About region-wide Labs

Labs guided the overall collaborative approach to the development of the refreshed Healthy Waterways Strategy and set broad goals and performance objectives for managing waterways in the entire Port Phillip and Westernport region.

They bring together government and community interests, with participants from various organisations and groups such as: universities, community groups, industry groups and local governments. The first Labs in the series included Waterways Co-design Labs and a Collaborative Implementation Lab, and there are upcoming Labs on Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting and region-wide Communication.

Check the Upcoming events panel on the HWS YourSay homepage for details on upcoming Labs.

Past Labs

Read the discussion topics and outcomes from each lab below.

Collaborative Implementation Lab
24 May 2018
Event report (including background paper presented, and the evaluation of sensing sheets)

Waterways Co-design Lab #3 Harvest Report (PDF 1.46 MB)
29 March 2017

Waterways Co-design Lab #2 Harvest Report (PDF 5.17 MB)
23 November 2016

Waterways Co-design Lab #1 Harvest Report (PDF 4.94 MB)
2 September 2016

The Lab at work