To ensure future works steer us in the direction of the overall Strategy, the community worked with us to create:

  • Broad visions and goals for each catchment
  • Specific and measurable targets and performance objectives for the smaller units that make up a catchment (called sub-catchments), their estuaries, and their representative wetlands.

Each of the five major catchments has a tailored program, outlining its specific waterway assets, their current status and likely trajectories. The performance objectives and targets set out what we will need to achieve together to realise each catchment's vision and goals. and the overarching vision of this Strategy.

Catchment Programs are summarised in each of the tabs below, and detailed in the Co-Designed Catchment Programs available to download from the Document Library.

It is intended that the co-designed Catchment Programs will provide the on-ground management guideline for each of the catchments, and that they will be reviewed and adapted to changing conditions, progress and opportunities, within the life of the Healthy Waterways Strategy.