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We will soon be undertaking works to naturalise a section of Wallan Creek in Hadfield Park Wallan to improve the natural amenity and liveability of the area.

Hadfield Park is an important community green space with facilities including the Mechanics Institute and Free Library, R. B Robson Stadium and public toilets. The creek was previously shaped to include a small concrete pipe to carry the low flows and a wide grassed channel to carry flood flows.

As part of the redesign, the pipeline will be relocated to undertake erosion control works, which provides an exciting opportunity to naturalise this section of pipe. Your feedback will be used to inform improvement opportunities in the detailed design.

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To get started, take a look at the concept plan below and provide your feedback using the tools on this site.

Explore the concept plan

Click on the icons below to see some of the key features that are planned for the creek before providing feedback below. Find more detailed cross sections and diagrams in the document library.

Concept design map of Hadfield Park
Improvement idea
Proposed works
Proposed works
Improvement idea
Improvement idea
Improvement idea
Proposed works
Proposed works
Proposed works
Proposed works
Proposed works

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What ideas do you have to improve the area

After reviewing the concept plan, what ideas do you have? We're seeking feedback on amenity features like seating, signage, planting and creek crossing stepping stones

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9 July, 2020

Celina says:

“Hi, you need creek crossings near the bendigo bank community park and the skate park. Move seats from Police station end to near Hall”

8 July, 2020

Paul R says:

“Looks like a very good plan. Maybe some more public art projects would add to the the project. See "Wallan Eye" sculpture, made locally.”

30 June, 2020

Jenny says:

“I lpvdd Ed the idea of the creek stepping stones and it will be great to see the creek flowing maturely instead of through pipes underground”

22 June, 2020

jc.100 says:

“use composting toilets eg Ecoflow Kabuza, rain water for handwashing”

22 June, 2020

jc.100 says:

“Comfortable upright seating creative designs 'wilderness' area for children's exploration recycled materials ”

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