We sought community feedback throughout July and August 2021 to help shape a masterplan for a 2.7km section of the reserve in Brooklyn, between Millers Rd and Little Boundary Rd.

The vision is to create a vibrant space that will connect the Brooklyn community, enhance active transport options for the area, manage water sensitively and provide a unique space to meet, play and relax.

You can view the results of the community engagement and learn more about the project below.

We are currently developing the master plan and will be sharing this with the community in June 2022. After this, we will seek capital funding to deliver the master plan.

What you told us

Read about the outcomes of the community feedback and how it will feed into the masterplan for Greening the Pipeline Brooklyn.

Project area

The Main Outfall Sewer reserve, also referred to as the Pipeline Reserve and/or Federation Trail, spans 27kms from Werribee to Spotswood. To effectively manage design, delivery and planning for the transformation of the reserve it has been split into nine zones.

The 2.7km section that makes up the Greening the Pipeline Brooklyn project area is known as Zone 9. View the aerial drone footage and map for a detailed view.

Click here to view a map of all Greening the Pipeline zones.

Map of the project area (Zone 9 of Greening the Pipeline)

Map of the project area (Zone 9)