We asked what's important to you

We asked you to share your ideas on ways to improve community connection and use of the space as we redesign Grasmere Creek

This is an exciting project to realign the southern reach of Grasmere Creek and construct a stormwater treatment wetland system to service the existing catchment whilst providing future environmental and community benefits.

The project will enhance the wildlife corridor through the Cardinia Creek Parklands and will provide a shared path linking Inglis Road with Buchanan Road, Berwick for local residents and visitors to enjoy.

While works on the wetland were underway, we wanted community feedback on liveability and place-making aspects of the project such as improving habitat and amenity.

The feedback and ideas you shared will now be used to inform improvement opportunities in the detailed design.

But first, let's look at how we plan to reimagine the area

Use the slidebar to see how we plan to reimagine the area with you.

Before: Image of Grasmere landscape open grasslands After: Artist impression of improving landscape with wetlands and trees

Did you know?