The refresh process

The Flood Management Strategy Port Phillip and Westernport is a 10-year strategy that sets out how flood management agencies work together to manage flood risks - before, during and after flood. The current strategy ends in June 2021. Read over the many achievements from the past 10 years:

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The flood strategy refresh

Melbourne Water is leading a ‘refresh’ of the strategy with our partners. Our ‘partners’ include any organisation in the region that has flood management responsibilities, including local and state government, water authorities and emergency services.

Since 2019, we have worked with our partners to build the content of the strategy and action plan through workshops, formal committees and groups, and targeted sessions. To date, sixty-two organisations have participated in the engagement, including partners and other relevant stakeholders.

This flood strategy refresh consolidates what is working in how we manage flood risk, and ensures we are constantly improving what we do so that we continue to make the region safer for our community.

We have identified key directions in this strategy that provide a greater emphasis on managing climate change, empowering diverse communities, and managing flooding to achieve benefits for water security, liveability and sustainability.

How communities are represented

Communities include individuals, groups and businesses in the region.

Our partners have responsibilities to you, the community. For example, local councils manage local drains and support community recovery from flood events. Emergency services agencies deliver community awareness and education programs and provide flood warnings.

The partners bring their knowledge and experience of communities to inform the development of the strategy.

We also need to hear from you to understand your experiences and needs.

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